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We are super excited to announce that the online strategy game Dystopia: Contest of Heroes is live worldwide!
Join hundreds of thousands of other players in competing for awesome prizes in global multiplayer tournaments, establish alliances with other players, and build your empire in the futuristic cyberpunk New York.

The game is available on Apple App Store, Huawei App Gallery, Samsung Galaxy Store, and for pre-registration on Google Play. Players pre-registering on Google Play get a special gift

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Live tournaments
and great prizes
Dystopia - Live tournaments and great prizes
Massive story
Dystopia - Massive story campaign
online battles
Dystopia - Epic online battles
Build your
Build your
your hero
Dystopia - Customize your hero


Not many manage to participate in  the Dictator’s “rehabilitation” program and survive to tell the tale. Cuffed and collared, Volta had to endure unpleasant shock therapies. She learned to live with them, she learned to accept them, and then she learned how to use the shocking power to fry her enemies and share the benefits of rage with her team. Often called Miss Chaos, she has plenty of tales to tell - each of them more disturbing than the other.

Dystopia Character - Volta


When you’re this big no one really challenges you to a duel. Bjorn finds it slightly annoying, mostly because he enjoys winning. When he isn’t smashing heads, he likes to blow things up with his hand mounted rockets or just read entertaining novels.



Elegant and dangerous. When you need someone who can get to the most difficult to reach targets, you call The Dame. Kasumi knows all the right people, possesses a set of social and combat skills in combination with the most advanced tech the labs can offer. A perfect partner for a dance or an assasination.

Dystopia Character - Kasumi


Walking with the shadows, striking where it hurts. Silent, fast, precise and unquestionably deadly. There’s a mystery to his identity and he prefers to keep it that way. Without a mask he could be anyone - a friend, a colleague, or just a face in the crowd. No one can be sure that at any point in time Spectre isn’t right behind them.

Dystopia Character - Spectre


With origins from the junker class and equipment from smuggled high-end tech, The Prophet is a menacing blend between traditional and modern. He earned his name by amassing a group of followers to rebel against the Dictator’s rule. Striking fear into his foes with a booming voice and brute force, the Prophet is an honorable opponent and a true leader that leads by example.

Dystopia Character - Prophet


Doc is an incredible scientist and innovator, always in pursuit of eternal life. Despite the unusual robotic augmentations and intimidating demeanor, when it comes to battle, his personal concern is the team’s survival. Pushing the limits of technology Doc is an invaluable asset to any team that wants to be ahead of the competition.

Dystopia Character - Doctor
What the press say


Dystopia: Contest of Heroes is a free-to-play, multiplayer combat game featuring high quality, intense colour graphics and a collection of fully customisable 3D heroes with player-controlled abilities. Set in a dystopian New York in 2065, the objective of the game is for players to build an empire by taking over districts and collecting sci-fi themed gear, to manage raids on other players and build social alliances.

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